Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 2007

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    To finish out the Isle of Man Gold Cat series, the Ragdoll cat is the featured breed for 2007. The Ragdoll cat is an American original breed that was created back in the 1960's. A female Persian was bred with a male Burmese that resulted in the litter receiving the color patterns of a Siamese cat. The Ragdoll's name was created early on when people would pick them up and their whole bodies would go limp. Some people tried to argue that their universal "limpness" is due to a genetic mutation but hasn't been proven yet. The Ragdoll's temperament is calm, relaxed, and loves being a lap cat.

    The Isle of Man 2007 gold cat coin is the final installment of the 19 year-old series. This series began in 1988 by the Pobjoy Mint to create Britain's first .9999 gold coin series. The Isle of Man was chosen to be the title for the series to honor the Manx cat who first originated in the small island located in the Irish Sea. Each year, a new and beautiful design is displayed on the coin, making the gold coins a collectible. Most collectors enjoy the thrill of finding the years they need to finish their collection.

    The reverse side of this coin pictures an adult Ragdoll with its kitten. The two cats are sitting next to each other and the older cat seems to be protecting its young. The usual flock of seagulls and the lone cat in the background are also displayed. The coin's weight of 1 oz is also written below the cats. Queen Elizabeth II occupies the obverse, along with the "Isle of Man" and the coin's date of mintage,"2007", are both written alongside of the rim. Don't miss out on the chance to obtain a truly unique coin collection of gold online!

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