Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 1999

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    The Pobjoy Mint is a blaze runner in producing and minting non-circulating coins, stamps, and metal combinations. The Pobjoy has struck 20% of the world's governments and central banks' coins and medallions. They even mint for smaller or underdeveloped countries. In 1988, the Pobjoy Mint produced Britain's first .9999 pure gold coin series: Isle of Man Gold Cat. Due to the Manx cat that originated in the Isle of Man, each coin features a different cat every year. These gold coins are 24 karat gold and come in brilliant uncirculated condition.

    The British Blue is the design chosen for the year 1999. The British Blue has a bluish-gray color coat, with yellow eyes, and a shorthair coat. Its ears are short and its muzzle is almost flat. The breed's origin dates back to ancient times when Egyptian cat breeds were imported to Britain by the Romans. The British Blue is known for its tranquil temperament and cordial demeanor, making them an ideal breed for show business. They aren't too playful but mainly enjoy being held and pet. The obverse of this gold coin is the monarch herself, Queen Elizabeth II. Her side portrait is accompanied by the coin series' name, "Isle of Man", and the coin's year of mintage, "1999". The reverse of this coin is a picture of the British Blue, hunched over, and cleaning its paw. This is the first cat we actually see active in the series. The coin's weight of 1 oz is below the busy kitty. The Isle of Man Gold Cat series is the ideal collection for anyone looking for gold online as a gift or for their own personal compilation.

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