Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 2003

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    The Balinese kittens are the highlighted cats for 2003 in the Isle of Man Gold Cat series. The Balinese are also known as purebred longhaired Siamese because they come from the same mutated gene that originated in Thailand. Balinese cats have cream-colored bodies, chocolate brown faces and feet, and light blue eyes. They enjoy the company of other cats or humans, they like to play, and they are very vocal. The Balinese are also known to have the highest intelligence among longhaired breeds.

    The Isle of Man Gold Cat coins were first produced in 1988, by the Pobjoy Mint. The Pobjoy Mint is located in Surrey, England and they produce non-circulating tokens, medallions, and coins for other countries. They even have stamp programs for 5 countries, including the Bahamas. The Pobjoy Mint was inspired by the small island between Great Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man. Soon they learned that the Manx cat originated there and thus began their gold cat series. The coins' designs are changed annually to feature a different breed of cat. Each coin weighs 1 oz, is 24 karat gold, and comes in a plastic flip for its own protection in transit.

    Two peaceful Balinese kittens are quietly perched and looking up at birds flying over their heads. The distinct features of the cat are carefully imprinted on each kitten, including their long and wiry whiskers. An older cat is suspiciously lurking behind the unknowing kittens. The coin's weight of 1 oz pure gold is written at the bottom of the coin. The Monarch herself, Queen Elizabeth II, is featured on the obverse along with "Isle of Man" and the coin's date of mintage, "2003" written beside and below her. Every coin is rare in its design and is appealing to gold coin collectors looking for a very collectible item.

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