Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 1993

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    The Maine Coon is the chosen cat for the reverse design of the 1993 Isle of Man Gold Cat series. The Maine Coon is indigenous to Maine and is Maine's national cat, hence the name. It is the largest breed of domesticated cats and is the oldest breed in North America. They are large in appearance, with rectangle-shaped bodies, a slightly round face, and a long, thick tail that resembles a raccoon's tail. They have fur that adapts to the seasonal changes and their bodies are muscular for hunting. These cats are mainly outdoor cats, containing fur that can keep them both dry and very warm.

    The 1993 Maine Coon gold coin was produced by the Pobjoy Mint. Pobjoy Mint is located in Surrey, England and is known for producing non-circulating currency such as medallions or tokens. It is has stamp production programs for 5 countries as well as for the Bahamas. The Isle of Man Gold Cat series started in 1988 and every year, a new gold coin with a new design is minted. Each coin has its own unique design of a cat, is 24 karat gold, is in brilliant uncirculated condition, and comes in a plastic flip for protection.

    The reverse of the coin displays the Maine Coon, a large, long-haired cat. In this design, the cat is walking on all fours with its raccoon-like tail flailing in the air. There is another cat pictured in the distance and there are a few seagulls overhead. The coin's weight of 1 oz is also featured underneath the cat's feet. The obverse of the coin portrays the monarch Queen Elizabeth II in her famous side angle position. The coin series, "Isle of Man", and the coin's date, "1993", are both written to the right hand side of the Queen's face. The Isle of Man Gold Cat series is perfect for any gold investor looking to diversify their collection! You will not be disappointed!

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    • Year: 1993
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