Isle of Man Gold Cat Fifth Ounce 2005

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    The Pobjoy Mint's adored bullion collection knows no bounds when it comes to amazing design and artistry. The Isle of Man Gold Cat coin series consistently astounds experienced coin collectors and investors all over the world. The low mintages and incredible crafted designs keep those searching endlessly for premium bullion products on their toes. The Pobjoy Mint produces a new coin every year with a different design than the last; each design always includes a realistic picture of a specific cat breed. The Isle of Man Gold Cat 5th Ounce 2005 coin is guaranteed to be 1/5th of an ounce of pure .9999 gold and is packaged in a coin flip for ultimate protection during shipment. The Pobjoy Mint's flawless proofing method makes these proof coins stand out above the others!

    The Himalayan Cat was chosen to be the breed presented on the reverse of the Isle of Man Gold Cat 5th Ounce 2005 coin. Himalayans are known for their incredibly long and fluffy hair that is reminiscent to the Persian cat. The Himalayan also has a very small face with a "smushed in" nose. This breed of cat is so ancient, historians are finding it difficult to trace back the original ancestors that started this adorable breed. The stunning reverse design features a mother Himalayan with her kittens. Among the remarkable proof features, the mother and her kittens are in a frosted finish, enhancing the famous details of the Himalayan breed. The reverse also bears an inscription to prove the coin's authenticity and legal tender value. The obverse includes a beautiful effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, portrayed as young and powerful. The Queen's famous curls bear the weight of a heavy yet elegant crown to prove her royalty. The series' name, "Isle of Man," and the year of mintage, "2005," are both etched into to obverse.

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