Isle of Man Gold Cat Fifth Ounce 2001

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    A cat has graced the Isle of Man Cat coins since 1988. The Isle of Man is a self-governed island, located between Ireland and Great Britain, amidst the Irish Sea. One well-known fact about the Isle of Man is the amount of Manx cats that populate the lonely island. Instead of including the same cat and the same design on the silver coins every year, the Pobjoy Mint has opted for a more creative approach. Starting with the Manx, a new cat breed is featured on the bullion coins annually. The Isle of Man Gold Cat 5th Ounce 2001 coin will be struck in a 1/5th ounce of .9999 fine gold. The proof finish is crisp and retains a "newly minted" appeal while being a solid bullion coin. We package your coin in an individual coin flip for protection during shipment.

    The Pobjoy Mint catches the attention of loyal coin collectors by presenting a group of kittens on the reverse, instead of a grown cat. These kittens are Somali kittens, their ancestors being Abyssinian and exported to New Zealand, Australia, and North America. This breed provides quite the variety among cat lovers; all colors, markings, and specific characteristics vary between cats. The Somali kittens, featured on the reverse, are actively enticed by a single string. One kitten is fully engaged with the twine, while the other patiently sits and watches. The coin's weight and legal tender value are transcribed under the playful felines. Admiring a younger Queen, the famous side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is designed on the obverse. She sits tall, her face wearing nothing but a slight frown and her head is bearing the responsibility of a weighty crown. "Isle of Man," and "2001," encircle the Queen on this side. The Isle of Man Gold Cat Coin series is ideal for a gift or for someone looking for a collection they can brag about for years to come.

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    • Year: 2001
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