Isle of Man Gold Cat Tenth Ounce 1999

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    The infamous Pobjoy Mint has caught gold coin collectors and investors' attention by producing an incredibly low mintage coin that exhibits phenomenal artistry in design and minting technique. The Isle of Man Gold Cat series is nothing short than an expertly crafted coin that appeals both to the collector and the investor. The Pobjoy Mint barely mints more than 50,000 coins per year, making each year harder to find than the last. The reverse design also changes yearly; including a specific cat breed that is honored by having its portrait represented on the coin. The Isle of Man Gold Cat 10th Ounce 1999 coin weighs 1/10th of an ounce, contains .9999 pure gold, and is packaged in a coin flip to ensure protection during shipment. The Pobjoy Mint finishes the gold coin with a freshly minted patina that is only consistent with their proof coin standards.

    The British Blue Shorthair is the featured breed on the Isle of Man Gold Cat 10th Ounce 1999. This breed of cat contains a distinguished blue-gray dense coat with copper-toned eyes. The British Blue is considered one of the most ancient cat breeds, with origins dating back to Egypt. While they were invading, the Romans imported the British Blue's Egyptian ancestors into Britain. This breed of cat is also known to be less playful and interested in socializing than other cat breeds, due to its distinguished pedigree. On the reverse, this British Blue is daintily licking its paw, a first to see these cats actually active. The reverse also bears the coin's weight and denomination. Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse with a stern face and an intricately detailed crown. The Queen’s side portrait is joined by the inscription, "Isle of Man," and "1999."

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