Isle of Man Gold Cat Tenth Ounce 1995

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    Representing Britain and the other Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II has been the changing face on all bullion coins for years. The Isle of Man Cat coin series is no different, wherein it portrays the lovely monarch as delicate, soft-spoken, yet powerful. The Queen is youthful on the obverse of the Isle of Man Gold Cat 10th Ounce 1995, as she sits and is posed to the side. Her famous curls hold the weight of an elegant, yet might crown. Her face is stern, furrowing her brows and offering barely a smirk on her lips. She is accompanied by the coin series' name, "Isle of Man," and the coin's date of mintage, "1995." The Turkish Angora was chosen to grace the reverse side of Isle of Man Gold Cat 10th Ounce 1995 coin. The Turkish Angora is known to be one of the oldest and ancient breeds, originating out of Turkey. These cats possess a mutative gene that causes the eyes to be separate colors. The Turkish Angora featured on the reverse is peacefully sitting, its thick fur creates an image of its body just being a fluffy mass of fur. The cat's triangular head and small nose are also realistically depicted to reveal the actual beauty of this ancient breed. The coin's weight and purity are etched underneath the quiet paws of the Turkish Angora.

    Every year, the reputable Pobjoy Mint issues a gold coin with the style of a cat drawn on the reverse. The coin's mintage is always incredibly low, barely reaching over 50,000, and the design of the cat consistently changes. Avid coin collectors everywhere anxiously wait as the new coin is minted and released. The 1995 Isle of Man Turkish Angora is 1/10th oz of .999 pure gold and shines with a freshly struck sheen due to its flawless proof finish.

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