Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 1992

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    The Pobjoy Mint started the Isle of Man Gold Cat series in 1988. With each passing year, the Pobjoy Mint surprises us with a brand new coin that displays a new cat design. The Siamese cat coin is 24 karat gold, in brilliant uncirculated condition, and is delivered in a plastic flip to protect it while in transit. This coin series is the perfect way to start a gold coin collection and keep it diverse. Each year, we can count on beautifully minted coins that look just a little better than the last.

    The Siamese cat's origin began in Thailand and now its popularity has grown all over the US and Europe. Some of its physical features include blue eyes, a sharp triangle-shaped head, elongated ears, and a very robust body. Siamese cats are known for the intelligence, playfulness, and very sociable to people. They constantly seek attention from people and enjoy being in the presence of other cats. They even enjoy a game of fetch!The reverse of the coin shows a perched Siamese, looking up. Its muscular body is drawn in great detail with its long thin tail wrapping around itself. On these Isle of Man gold cat coins, there is always featured another cat in the far distance and there are also a couple of seagulls flying overhead. Also, the coin's weight of 1 oz is pictured underneath the curious cat. The obverse reveals the famous side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with the title of the coin's series, "Isle of Man", and the coin's year of mintage, "1992", inscribed around the queen. If you are looking for a coin series that produces quality coins with impeccable attention to detail, look no further than the Isle of Man Gold Cat coins! These coins are popular and our inventory does not last long!

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    • Year: 1992
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