Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 1991

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    The Manx cat has been an icon to the Isle of Man for ages. The Isle of Man is a small, independent island located in the Irish Sea and falls right between Britain and Ireland. Many people have come and gone on the island, including Vikings and Neolithic gatherers, and many still reside there 'til this day. The Isle of Man is self-governed, although it does depend on Great Britain for its protection in case of emergencies. The Manx is indigenous to the Isle and is what inspired the Isle of Man Cat coin collection. This precious collection was created by the Pobjoy Mint, located in Surrey, England, and has been ever-increasing in popularity among avid coin collectors. Each coin is promised to be .999 pure gold and comes in a flawless proof-like finish. Coins are also packaged in individual coin flips to ensure protection against scratching, fingerprints, and tarnishing. The Pobjoy Mint also only produces a certain number of the cat coins yearly, producing a high market for the low mintage coins.The Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 1991 coin is in brilliant uncirculated condition and weighs 1/2 of an ounce.

    The Norwegian Forest cat is the breed chosen for the year 1991 and its portrait is featured on the reverse. Norwegian Forest cats contain thick, insulated fur that allows them to roam the below freezing temperatures. The cat on the coin is standing, while holding up one paw and looking back at its tail. The Pobjoy Mint never disappoints in quality of design and the Norwegian Forest cat is no exception! From every strand of fur starting at its tail, all the way to its fluffy head, this Norwegian Forest cat is elegantly and realistically depicted. The coin's weight, purity, and denomination are written on the reverse as well. The obverse portrays the monarch herself, Queen Elizabeth II, proudly sitting and bearing the crown of her nations. It can be overwhelming looking for a dependable and interesting coin collection to start with but the Isle of Man Gold Cat coin series is the ideal start.

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    • Year: 1991
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