Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 1994

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    The Japanese Bobtail is recognized for its strange "bobbed" tail. Unlike many other breeds of cats, the Japanese Bobtail does not have a long and limber tail that is associated with a cat. This breed of cat comes in many colors and usually exhibits some interesting markings or characteristics, i.e. black and brown spots over its eyes or a blue eye/brown eye combination. The Bobtail is also a very active and intelligent cat, constantly revered for its flexibility and agility. In 1994, the Japanese Bobtail was chosen to be featured on the reverse design of the Isle of Man Cat coins and in usual Pobjoy Mint fashion, the craftsmanship is no less than spectacular. A spry Japanese Bobtail cat is standing on the reverse, with its mutative gene bobtail on full display. The reverse also bears the inscription of the coin's weight and denomination. The obverse displays a younger Queen Elizabeth II, delicately posed so her lovely profile is highlighted. Her famous tendrils bear the weight of a heavy yet elegant crown to represent her long-standing monarchy. The coin's series and year of mintage is also written alongside the Queen.

    The Isle of Man Cat Gold coin series has been in popular production and has kept avid coin collectors satisfied since 1988. This gold coin series comes straight out of one of the most prestigious mints in the world, the Pobjoy Mint, and has been a highly sought after collection by many investors and collectors worldwide. The Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 1994 coin is guaranteed to be 1/2 ounce of .999 pure gold and is packaged safely in a plastic coin flip. The Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 1994 coin is rich in imagery and refined details that gleam when completed with the Pobjoy Mint's proof finish.

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    • Year: 1994
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