Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 1995

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    The Turkish Angora cat was chosen to be displayed on the 1995 gold coin, which is part of the Isle of Man gold Cat series. This series was minted by the Pobjoy Mint, which is located in Surrey, England. In 1988, the Pobjoy Mint produced Britain's first .9999 pure gold coin series, which is now incredibly popular in Asia. This series is the Isle of Man Gold Cat series, wherein a new coin with a new design in produced. It's perfect for those looking to invest into pure gold and also want a diverse collection.

    The Turkish Angora cat is known for its silky smooth, long, white fur and their elegant bodies. The Turkish Angora is definitely an indoor cat that enjoys to be active and playful. These cats also prefer to be sitting on a perch in the home so they can protect their family. They are definitely people-lovers but will select one person in the family to be a companion to. They come in all sorts of colors as well. These cats have semi-pointed noses, a triangle shaped head, pointed ears, and eyes which color may vary.

    The reverse of this gold coin reveals a majestic Turkish Angora, quietly sitting down. Its body is twisting to turn around and its long, full tail is gently laid in front of it. The usual cat in the background is featured here, along with the seagulls that also make appearances on the Isle of Man Gold Cat coins. The coin's weight of 1 oz is also inscribed underneath the sitting cat. The obverse is the famous side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the coin series' name, "Isle of Man", and the coin's year of mintage, "1995". This coin comes in brilliant uncirculated condition and a plastic flip for protection from the elements.

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