Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 2002

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    The Bengal cat demands the attention of observers due to its wild markings and origins. Believe it or not, the Bengal cat is considered a domestic breed, derived from a cross-breeding with an Asian leopard cat. Although its markings are similar to Asian leopards, these cats usually carry a gentle and calm temperament. Displayed on the reverse, of the Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 2002 coin, a mother Bengal cat with her small kitten are revealed. The two are gently nuzzling each other, indicating the close bond between a mother and her young. The coin weighs 1/2 troy ounce of .9999 pure gold and its legal tender are both written underneath the sweet duo. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is commemorated, by having her side portrait featured on the obverse of the Isle of Man Gold Cat series. Illustrated as stern and powerful, the Queen sits poised and unimpressed while showing off her elegant curls, underneath a heavy crown. The obverse also bears the date of mintage and coin series' title.

    The Isle of Man Gold Cat series is a highly sought after collection that pulls collectors and investors in by its prestigious craftsmanship and competitively low mintages. Barely reaching 50,000 coins a year, the Pobjoy Mint prides itself in producing coins that not only have intrinsic value but also have increasing numismatic value as well. The Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 2002 coin is guaranteed to be .9999 pure gold and placed in a coin flip to ensure protection. The flawless proof-like BU finish only adds to the allure of this impeccable series. At such an achievable price, the impressive Isle of Man Gold Cat coin series is at your fingertips!

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    • Year: 2002
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