Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 2003

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    In this beautifully balanced composition of history and bullion, the Isle of Man Gold Cat series is one of a kind! The Isle of Man is a small island, located on the Irish Sea and between Britain and Ireland. This humble island has had residents from all over the world and has been able to maintain independence for hundreds of years. The Manx cat, whose origin is from the Isle of Man, is what inspired this magnificent coin series to feature cat breeds from all over the world. This creative decision has affected the impact these coins have on their collectors and investors; each person anxiously awaits the release of the next cat annually. Each coin offers a competitively low mintage to complete the appeal of this remarkable series. The Isle of Man Gold Cat Half Ounce 2003 coin weighs 1/2 of an ounce of .9999 pure gold and is finished to Pobjoy Mint's incomparable proof standard that accentuates the impeccable detail and craftsmanship of this silver coin. To ensure your coin is protected during shipment, each coin is placed in individual coin flips.

    The Balinese Cat is a pure bred, long-haired Siamese, whose origins started in Thailand and then came over to the United Kingdom. Some of those ancestors carried the recessive gene that makes the shorthaired Siamese become longhaired. Like their shorthaired ancestors, the Balinese are playful, vocal, and are considered the most intelligent longhaired breed. The Balinese kittens that are featured on the reverse, are both frozen in a stance and looking onward. The coin's weight and legal tender value are inscribed below the precious paw of the kittens. Queen Elizabeth II is regally portrayed on the obverse of the coin, sitting sideways and highlighting her delicate facial features. The coin series and the date of mintage are both inscribed around the famous portrait as well.

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