Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 2005

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    Being a crossbreed between a Persian and a Siamese, the Himalayan bears the long hair similar to the Persian but its coloring and markings are that of a Siamese. Its body is round with short, stubby legs, prohibiting them to jump as high as other cats. The Himalayan is the ideal cat for show business and cat performance shows. These cats are social, sweet, and the perfect indoor cat. Since they can't jump high, it is dangerous for them to be outdoors because they can't escape their predators. They are high maintenance and need to be groomed regularly.

    The Pobjoy Mint started Britain's first pure gold coin series in 1988. starting with the Manx cat. The Manx is indigenous to the Isle of Man, the name of the coin series, and became the inspiration for a different cat design every year. The Himalayan was chosen to be the face for the 2005 gold cat coin. Each coin is 24 karat gold, in brilliant uncirculated condition, and comes in a plastic flip to protect it during transit. Each coin comes from a limited mintage, making them appealing to coin collectors looking for something special and rare.

    The obverse of this amazing gold coin is the famous side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, originally created by Ian-Rank Broadley, a famous sculptor and artist. The coin's collection of "Isle of Man", and the coin's mintage of "2005", are both inscribed on the obverse. The reverse design portrays a beautiful, adult Himalayan with her kittens. The unique features that are loved about the Himalayan are incredibly detailed on this coin. The furry trio is sitting, huddled next to each other, and looking straight forward. The coin's weight of 1 oz is written underneath their paws. The Himalayan Cat 2005 gold coin is going fast and will be difficult to replace!

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