Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 2000

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    The Scottish Fold was chosen to bring in the new millennium on the Isle of Man Gold Cat coin. This coin is 24 karat gold and comes in brilliant uncirculated condition. There shouldn't be any marks or scratches on the coin and for its own protection, the coin is placed in a plastic flip. The Isle of Man Gold Cat series was first produced in 1988 by the Pobjoy Mint and is Britain's first .9999 pure gold coin collection. If you are looking for gold online and aren't quite sure where to start, the Isle of Man Gold Cat series is the perfect beginning to any collection!

    The Scottish Fold's name comes from the cat's ears. They have a genetic mutation that causes a cartilage shortage throughout its body causing its ears to look as if they are folding. Being referred to a lop-eared rabbit, the Fold earned its original name in 1966. The Scottish Fold is a well-mannered cat that enjoys being inside for affection or outside to play. They even have a variety of different, soft meows and cries that set them apart from other breeds. They are known most for sleeping on their backs with their legs stretched out and their paws placed on their bellies. The reverse of this gold coin portrays a kitten Scottish Fold, jovially playing with a ball. In these later years, the Pobjoy Mint decided to make the cats on their coins more active and playful. "1 oz is also inscribed underneath the kitten, the seagulls, and the other cat from the other coins are also included in the background. The obverse is of Queen Elizabeth II and the words, "Isle of Man", and "2000".

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    • Year: 2000
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