Eisenhower Dollar 1974-S Silver Proof

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    The Eisenhower Dollar series began in 1971 and was the first US dollar to be minted in 40 years. Following the strong act of the Peace silver dollar, the Eisenhower dollar's popularity ran little to none. The circulation, of the new dollar, only took off on the West-Coast, leaving many coins left in pristine condition. Since the price of silver went through the roof, the US Mint was also required to change the metal composition of its coins, only allowing special cases to be made out of 40% silver. The 1974-S Silver Proof Eisenhower sparkles with the freshly minted sheen of a proof coin. This dollar is also extremely sensitive to contact and should be stored in an album or an airtight capsule. Designed after the late president, the Eisenhower dollar is a fun collection for novice collectors, with its easily accessible coins and low rates.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1974
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