Eisenhower Dollar 1971-S Silver Proof

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    The San Francisco Mint has kept its admirable reputation for 150 years! Minting coins with sharp strikes and attractive lusters, collectors are always willing to pay more for the coins with the infamous "S" mint-mark. The San Francisco Mint joined the production of the Eisenhower dollar, by making the 40% proof and BU coins. In fact, only the coins minted at the west-coast based actually contain 40% silver. Due to the rise in silver prices, the production of currency had to make a metal composition change. The US Mint traded silver for a copper-nickel alloy, referring to the coins as clads that contained the composition. The 1971-S Proof Silver Eisenhower contains a perfect mirrored proof finish, accentuating the late president's prominent profile. Since this coin contains silver, it is always best to store silver in airtight containers, protecting it from oxidizing.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1971
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