Eisenhower Dollar 1972-S Silver Proof

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    The Eisenhower was dreamt up, after the passing of the late president, and the US Mint's desire to produce a dollar again. The Eisenhower dollar was the first US dollar to be minted, since the Peace dollar in 1935. With only the speciality coins having a 40% silver content, the Eisenhower dollar is made out of a copper-nickel alloy. The 1972-S Silver Proof Eisenhower contains 40% silver and a nice mirrored proof finish. Since the Eisenhower series contains very high mintages and very little silver, collectors don't use this collection as an investment but rather as a kick-starter collection. Branded with the "S" mint-mark, the 1972-S Silver Proof can tarnish over time and is extremely sensitive to finger prints. Honoring the late president, Eisenhower, a portrait graces the obverse of the dollar, portraying the president in his former General self.

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    • Year: 1972
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★★★★ Has a little black spot near the ear. Good coin in any collection
★★★★★ good coin
★★★★★ Nice
Its nice
★★★★★ Very Satisfied