Eisenhower Dollar 1973-S Silver BU

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    The Eisenhower dollar was the first US dollar that wasn't made from the same alloy. In 1965, the price of silver spiked through the roof, forcing the US Mint to be frugal with their 90% coins. Only speciality coins were made from 40% silver, while everything else was forged from a copper-nickel combination. When the President and General passed in 1969, the US Mint proudly chose the the next dollar to portray the late president. The 1973-S Silver Eisenhower dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition and contains 40% silver. Due to its silver content, this coin will tarnish over time, if not stored properly. The San Francisco Mint proudly marks all of their coins with the "S" mint-mark to signify their place of mintage. The Eisenhower dollar series is a fun collection for novice collectors, since all of the coins are easy to locate and at an affordable rate.

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    • Year: 1973
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