Eisenhower Dollar 1973-D BU

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    Not a heavily circulated coin at the time of mintage, the Eisenhower dollar has been predicted to become an American novelty, like the Morgan silver dollar. The Morgan wasn't very popular, when it was being produced, but gained its heavy following many years after. One of the main interests of the Morgan is its low mintages and silver content. Since the Eisenhower dollar doesn't contain either of those attributes, it has to work a little harder for the collectors. When the price of silver dramatically increased, in 1965, the US Mint was required to stop using 90% silver in all of its coins and save the silver for just the collectible items. Only the Eisenhower dollars minted at the San Francisco Mint have the 40% silver. The 1973-D Eisenhower dollar is made out of a copper-nickel alloy and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. Collectors, who collect the Eisenhower series, enjoy the ease and availability of the coins, plus the low prices.

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    • Year: 1973
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