Eisenhower Dollar 1972 BU

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    Although the US Mint produced ridiculously high amounts of Eisenhower dollars, the majority of the dollars never saw circulation. What this means for collectors is that pristine BU Eisenhower dollars are accessible to everyone and are a great starter collection for the novice collector. The Eisenhower dollar was the first dollar to be minted since 1935, when the Peace silver dollar's production ceased. Made out of a copper-nickel alloy, instead of 90% silver, the 1972 Eisenhower dollar isn't recommended for investment goals. Many recognize the Philadelphia Mint as the main branch to the US Mint, since it was the first facility to be established in the US. Straight out of the Founding Fathers' mouths, they breathed life into the US, creating it to be a nation that dealt in international commerce. The Philadelphia Mint does not mark its coins with a mint-mark, establishing itself as the first mint.

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    • Year: 1972
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