Eisenhower Dollar 1971-D BU

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    Although it is a popular collector's item nowadays, the Eisenhower dollar did not circulate well. Mainly circulated on the west-coast, the Eisenhower's large mintage causes this coin to be widely available in pristine condition. The Eisenhower dollar was the first dollar to be minted since 1935, when the Peace silver dollar saw its last year of mintage. Unless it is the collectible silver coin, the Eisenhower dollars do not contain silver but a copper-nickel combo that was agreed upon in 1965. The 1971-D Eisenhower dollar was minted by the infamous Denver mint, a mint that has earned its reputation as being the top producer of coins in the world. Marked with the "D" on its reverse, the 1971-D Eisenhower dollar is one of 60 million minted. When the idea of a new dollar came into conversation, Eisenhower had just passed away, making the choice very simple.

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    • Year: 1971
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