Eisenhower Dollar 1974-D BU

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    Known today as the lead producer in the coin industry, the Denver Mint often gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to older coins. Established in 1906, the Denver Mint usually aided the other two mint branches when a large amount of coins needed to be produced. Many collectors admire the Denver Mint's coins, since they are few and far between, compared to the other mints' productions. In 1971, the Denver Mint joined the San Francisco Mint and the Philadelphia Mint, to produce the Eisenhower dollar. With high expectations, the US Mint produced the first US dollar since 1935, when the Peace silver dollar was last minted. The Eisenhower was barely used in circulation and many just took up valuable storage space in the mints. The 1974-D Eisenhower Dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition and is made out of a copper-nickel alloy combination. There are still hopes for the Eisenhower dollar to gain popularity among coin collectors.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1974
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