Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar 1881-CC Uncirculated GSA

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    In the mid 1960's, the government started to wind down the ability to exchange silver certificates for silver dollars. This led to the famous government "hoard," that released over 3 million coins, from sealed bags, to the public. After sorting through these coins, only 125,000 were not from the Carson City Mint. The coins were also split up, depending on their condition, and the uncirculated Morgans were placed into government official holders. Through the years, the GSA Morgans have become more difficult to find, since many have since been removed from their cases and sold separately. At a competitive mintage of 296,000, the 1881-CC Morgan held its own for having one of the lowest mintages in Morgan history. Your 1881-CC Morgan is only one of 296,000 minted and is encased in the original GSA packaging!

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1881
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