Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar 1884-CC Uncirculated GSA

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    For a long period of time, there were many Carson City Morgan silver dollars, that were missing. This gave the impression that these Morgans either had a very low mintage or they were accidentally melted. In the 1960's, the government started to crack down the exchange of silver certificates for silver dollars. Once they succeeded, they had hundreds of sealed bags of these "missing" silver dollars that was considered a government hoard. This hoard included over 3 million coins, mainly with Carson City mint-marks, that were placed in official government plastic holders. Throughout the years, collectors and dealers have either protected this holders or broken them for the coin inside. Your 1884-CC Morgan is still contained in its original government issued black holder and is in uncirculated condition. Collecting the GSA Morgans is a great way to learn the history of silver dollars!

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1884
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