90% Silver Bag Kennedy Halves $1000 Face (2000pcs.)

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    Easily our most popular 90% product, the 90% Silver Kennedy Halves $1000 Face Bag is hard to keep in stock! 1964 was the Kennedy half dollar's inaugural year for production so that is just one reason this $1000 Face Bag often eludes our inventory. Authorized just a month after President Kennedy's death, the Kennedy half dollar was minted an a memorial for the late president. Since the US Mint used existing works by a couple of their sculptors, they were able to create the dies in a short amount of time. JFK was a deeply beloved president so it only made sense that all of the silver Kennedy Half Dollars minted sold out within hours of being released. The US Mint even increased the mintage for these half dollars but few were ever seen in actual circulation. In 2014, a 50 year anniversary coin was released, causing attention to the 90% Kennedy half dollars again.

    The 90% Silver Kennedy Halves $1000 Face Bag contains 2,000 Kennedy Half dollars and weighs 715 ounces in pure silver content. The $1000 Face Bag is also packaged in a large canvas bag and will be delivered in one shipment. 90% silver or "junk silver," is known for its coins in fair condition but their lack of numismatic value. Even with so much uproar in popularity, in 1964, the Kennedy Half Dollar is really only admired for its silver content, nowadays. It is important to take note that the term, "junk," isn't referring to the condition the coins are in, which is circulated, but to the lack of numismatic value these coins carry. Investors enjoy collecting the 90% silver since its such a high value product that can easily be distributed in smaller increments, if need be.

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