Valcambi One Ounce Platinum Bar

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    There are many precious metals refineries out there and everyone has different expectations of what a refinery should offer. The main goal is to find a refinery that has experience and can be trusted. Valcambi Suisse is among the small list of refineries, offering reputable products with excellent quality. Getting its bullion feet wet in 1961, Valcambi started its venture as a refinery just to be bought out 6 short years later. Credit Suisse bought Valcambi Suisse and changed it into an entirely different company. 50 years, and more buy-outs later, Valcambi has become one of the main players among global refineries. Keeping a focus on excellent business strengths and always creating new product innovation, Valcambi is a refinery that not only can be trusted, it can be invested in.

    Your Valcambi Suisse Platinum bar is guaranteed to weigh one ounce of pure platinum. Your bar is excellently packaged, in an assay card, to ensure proper protection and authentication. Valcambi also places their signature logo on the bar, creating a difficult scenario for the bar to be falsely replicated. The interest in platinum is on the rise and many investors are giving in to the lure of collecting before its price spikes, due to popularity. Platinum contains many catalytic properties, is very dense but malleable, and does not tarnish or scratch easily. These traits also make platinum the ideal metal to turn into jewelry since it is so versatile and strong. Exploring other precious metals, outside of silver and gold, is not only wise but the best way to keep the most diverse collection. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, enjoy the opportunity of expanding your investment horizons and including platinum in your collection.

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