90% Silver Bag Washington Quarters $1000 Face (4000 pcs.)

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    Often referred to as "junk silver," the 90% Washington Quarters were first minted in 1932. 1932 was especially special since it was the bicentennial of the nation's first President's birthday. Although the bicentennial committee wanted to mint a Washington half dollar instead, replacing the current Walking Liberty half dollar, the committee opted to change the Standing Liberty quarter instead. The Washington Quarter's metal alloy was 90% silver and 10% copper, until 1965 when the government switched the alloy to a copper-nickel clad combination. Through the years, the obverse of Washington's portrait has been left undisturbed, the reverse of the quarter has been changed for specialty collections, such as the America the Beautiful edition.

    The 90% Silver Bag Washington Quarters $1000 Face contains 4,000 quarters in a strong canvas bag. 90% silver or junk silver is expected to contain coins in fair condition, absent of holes, and with dates still readable. All of our 90% Silver Bags contain only common dates and are sold specifically for their silver content; the lower minted dates are sold separately for a higher premium. When using the term, "junk silver," the word junk is referring to the lack of numismatic value the coins contain and not the actual condition the coins are in. This bag weighs approximately 715 ounce of pure silver and remains one of our best values in silver (the silver weight is not representative of the total weight of the bag). All of our 90% is hand-sorted and is guaranteed to be 90% silver. Investors, who buy the 90% silver, enjoy the convenience of owning coins that are recognized as US currency and can easily be split up to sell, if need be.

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