90% Silver Bag Mercury Dimes $1000 Face (10000pcs.)

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    Although it is often referred to as the Mercury dime, the proper name for this dime, that was minted from 1916-1945, is the Winged Liberty Head. Due to the Mint Act of 1792, the US coins must include an emblem of liberty. The coin's designer, Adolph Weinman, originally wanted to portray a younger Lady Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap. Unfortunately, it is this unique design that many associate with Mercury, the Roman god. In 1916, it was time to replace the Barber dime, which was designed by the US Mint's Chief Engraver, William Barber. The Winged Liberty Head dime was deeply admired for its creativity and beauty, the US Mint had to make several modifications to make it work on their minting machines.

    The 90% Silver Bag Mercury Dimes $1000 Face contains a large canvas bag filled with 10,000 dimes. The weight of pure silver is 715 ounces and does not reflect the total weight of the actual bag. The 90% silver, or also known as junk silver, is popular for its silver content, not for the dates or condition of the actual coins. Although the date is still readable, the condition of the coins is circulated. This bag of silver does not include special or low mintage dates, just common dates of the Mercury dimes. If you are interested in the speciality dates, we sell those individually at a higher premium. With junk silver, investors expect coins to be in fair condition but the main attraction of the silver content. The term, junk silver, is not reflective of the condition the coins are in but the lack of numismatic value they contain. The Mercury dime specifically is becoming harder to obtain and thus, its premium is increasing. If you are looking to start your diverse precious metals investment, the 90% Silver $1000 Face Bags might be the perfect push!

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