Susan B Anthony Dollar 1979-D BU

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    Minted after the cumbersome Eisenhower Dollar, the Susan B. Anthony dollar was next up for US currency. Although the original portrait featured Lady Liberty, there was a vote taken to assign an actual woman to the dollar. Social Reformer, Susan B. Anthony, was the chosen candidate for the new dollar, that would be minted 1979. Several shapes and designs were tested and denied, by the vending machine industry. This industry was an effective lobby legislation whenever it came to new coins for circulation. A final design was chosen, that would also fit into any vending machine, but the public wasn't as excited for this new dollar as expected. The 1979-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar carries the "D" mint-mark and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. The Susan B. Anthony Dollars are much smaller than the Eisenhower Dollars but still have the same eagle reverse design.

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    • Year: 1979
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