SilverTowne 5 oz Silver Bar - Prospector Design

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    The Silvertowne Mint is a popular name in the precious metals industry. What began as a mom and pop rare coin shop, has now evolved into one of the most trusted private mints in the US. Located in Indiana, the Silvertowne Mint provides dealers and mints with outstanding silver products. The US Mint even relies on the Silvertowne Mint to refine blanks for the famous American Silver Eagle! Over the years, the Silvertowne Mint has expanded its areas of expertise and has also added to the famous silver bar collection. But one design that is Silvertowne's signature is the classic prospector design. Available in increments of one ounce, five ounce, and ten ounce, investors enjoy the variety when looking to purchase low premium silver. And at very low premiums, the Silvertowne silver bars are also sold in bulk.

    The infamous prospector design pays homage to the prospectors from the famous gold rushes. Usually overworked and incredibly underpaid, the prospectors would uproot their families to whatever town was promising for the recovery of the precious metals. A prospector would rarely earn what he mined in gold in his lifetime, leaving little to nothing for their families. Due to these hard-working prospectors, the precious metals industry has boomed over the last century, collecting more investors along the way. On the front of the SilverTowne 5 oz Prospector Design Silver Bar, Prospector Pete and his loyal donkey tiredly roam the barren plains of the west coast, after a full day of minting. The bar is marked with .999 pure silver, a key when determining the authenticity of a bar, and contains a serial number as well. Silvertowne's signature is etched at the bottom, guaranteeing the validity of this product. The back of the silver bar contains a criss-cross pattern, with Silvertowne's signature again, and the sad depiction of Prospector Pete and his donkey. The SilverTowne 5 oz Prospector Design Silver Bar is sealed in original plastic and is perfect for the investor, who enjoys buying small increments at a time, and is also ideal for any type of gift!

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