SilverTowne 1 oz Silver Bar - Prospector Design

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    A tribute to the prospectors of days gone by, the SilverTowne Retro Prospector 1oz bar is available in brand new, mint condition. Rectangular in shape, the bars feature the SilverTowne logo, and the purity and weight of the metal on the front. The obverse features a vintage look, an engraving of a prospector and donkey, one of the most iconic images of American history. The bar is one ounce of pure .999 silver.

    The bars are compact and have a high shine. The size and weight make them very appealing when held in one’s hand. Please be aware that SilverTowne produces two variations of the prospector design, and the obverse may be enlarged.

    The SilverTowne mint is located in Indiana. It began as a rare coin dealer in 1949 but gradually expanded its business to include minting services. SilverTowne’s bars are consistently popular with both collectors of and investors in silver bullion. Their products are widely recognized both for their quality and for the expert workmanship of their designs. SilverTowne bars are valued for their spare engravings and unique artistry.

    The SilverTowne 1oz silver bar is similar to other bars produced by the mint, with the same prospector design also available in a 5oz and 10oz bar. The 1oz bar is consistently sought out by investors and collectors, as it is easy to store and is convenient for transactions or converting into cash.

    Silver has been prized among collectors since being discontinued in the use of US coinage in 1964. Its size makes the 1oz bar convenient for small transactions and it can be easily stored in safe deposit boxes. It is the perfect barter size in circumstances in which currency is questioned. Additionally, the 1oz bar is the perfect investment size. Purchases of fewer than one thousand are not reportable to the IRS. Many investors are drawn to silver for the safety it offers; as the value of the dollar declines, the price of silver increases, putting silver collectors and investors in a more stable position. Compared to precious metals such as gold, the price of silver is comparatively inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for beginning collectors or those who do not have high capital. Silver bars carry the lowest premium over spot price. Silver bars with recognized hallmarks are recognized are readily accepted for resale, making them easily converted into cash. An additional benefit of investing in silver is that industrial demands ensure that the value of the metal is likely to continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

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