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SilverTowne 1 oz Silver Bar - Retro Prospector Design

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    The Silvertowne Mint has made the lonely prospector their company's symbol. After all, the prospectors are the ones that began the need and desire to search for precious metals. Prospecting goes back a couple of hundreds of years and has gone from an actual job to now a silly hobby. All over the world, prospecting has been incredibly important so we can learn more about mineralization, geological analysis, and how these precious metals have come to be. Many prospectors found large mineral deposits that contained gold, by scouring land close to rivers on their hands and feet. Once they use their trays to see if there is any "gold color" contained in the water, the call on the help of other prospectors to pick out the gold. Many gold rushes began this way, including the most famous California gold rush. Unfortunately, these prospectors that set the pace for the mining of precious metals also weren't given the credit nor the riches to reward them for their hard labor.

    Your Silvertowne 1oz Retro Prospector silver bar is .999 fine silver and weighs 1 troy ounce of silver. The front of your bar displays the traditional fatigued prospector, wearily guiding his donkey by a rope. His trusty pickaxe is slung over his shoulder, as his donkey bears the weight of his profession. The other side of the bar reveals the bar's weight and Silvertowne's signature to guarantee the quality of the product. There is also plenty of space for engraving on the bar. Silvertowne's 1oz Prospector Design bars are perfect if you interested in adding just a little something to your collection. They also come with spectacular quantity discounts in case you wanted more than a couple. Give a head nod to the groundbreaking prospectors and invest in the 1oz silver bars!

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