SilverTowne 1 oz Silver Bar - Eagle Design

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    The Silvertowne Mint has dazzled silver investors and rare coin collectors since 1949 with outstanding precious metal products! From their notable prospector designed bars to their nostalgic Christmas rounds, your investment choices are endless! What's special about the one ounce Silvertowne Eagle design bar is the symbolism. For a long time, eagles have represented many things such as strength, courage, and immortality. The symbol of the eagle has been used for many countries and soldiers to increase the moral, especially in times of war. In the US, the eagle is revered as a sign of what America is to the world: powerful, strong, and brave. Also being regarded as the "king of the skies," the eagle is portrayed soaring on many currency bills.

    Your Silvertowne one ounce Eagle Design silver bar is .999 fine silver and weighs 1 troy ounce of silver. The front of your bar displays a large eagle with wings outstretched and its talons wide-open, preparing itself for landing. The eagle is respected by many nations and countries so it isn't surprising the amount of detail that was put into this bar! The feathers that make up the compelling creature are intricately defined to the point of taking your breath away! The back side of the bar reveals a waffle pattern design and the famous prospector and his donkey at the bottom. The Silvertowne Mint includes the well-known design of the tired prospector and his donkey as a form of signature to authenticate the bar. These bars are packaged in sealed plastic casing and come in stacks of 20, which would qualify you for an admirable quantity discount! If you are looking for a silver bar with the quality design of a bullion coin, then your search ends with the Silvertowne Eagle design one ounce bar!

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