SilverTowne 1 oz Silver Bar - Buffalo Design

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    Sale!! The Indian Head design has been used for numerous US coin designs throughout the year and has gained popularity in the bullion world. The first Indian head design was for the penny in 1859-1909 by James Barton Longacre. The Buffalo nickel came soon after from 1913-1938. This design was quite different from the penny's Indian Head design. This design featured a Native American's head facing the other direction, with his hair in several ponytails and adorned with feathers. The man's face looks older and more realistic, as if he is carrying the years of his people' s oppression solely on his own shoulders. It is that Indian Head that has become very popular on bullion products and offers respect to the nation once lost.

    Your one ounce Buffalo design bar is produced by Silvertowne mint. Silvertowne Mint has been in business since the 40's where it started as a humble rare coin store. Since then, Silvertowne has become a leading producer in silver bullion products to dealers all over the country. Silvertowne has a creativity when making silver bars and rounds that only draws in investors when they are looking for something for themselves or for a special occasion. Departing from their original Prospector design, the Silvertowne Mint has made several other designs for the avid silver bullion investor. The Buffalo design is the main feature on the bar, along with the word, "Liberty," and the bar's weight and purity. These bars are also offered at quantity discounts, starting at a sheet of 20. Each bar is guaranteed to weigh one ounce of pure silver and comes enclosed in sealed plastic. These bars are too good to pass up so grab yourself a sheet of 20 and enjoy the lower premium along with beautiful silver!

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