SilverTowne 5 oz Silver Bar - Eagle Design

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    Being the symbol of authority and power for decades, the eagle is the top of its food chain and is the largest bird of prey! It is no wonder many nations, including the US, have chosen to use the eagle to be represented in some shape or form. The eagle is a part of the National Seal in the US and is included on US currency. The Silvertowne 5oz Eagle Design bar showcases this national bird in all of its glory and is the perfect gift to commemorate any special occasion. It is also perfect for the investor, looking to include patriotic memorabilia in their silver collection.

    On the front of your 5oz silver bar, there is a large and active eagle, its wings fashioned to slow down the pace for landing and its sharp talons searching for the right grip. The eagle's wings are intricately detailed, elegantly spread to show off his strong and feathered body. The bar's purity of .999 fine silver and the bar's weight of 5 troy ounces are written in a clean and clear font, just underneath the desperate talons. The other side of your silver bar includes a crisscross pattern to distract from the lack of design on this side. At the bottom of the bar, the well-known design of the prospector with his donkey is etched as a trademark since Silvertowne does not include its name on the bar. The 5oz bars are small enough to store many in one place, while also keeping the amount of silver pretty high. These bars also make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just for wanting to start a collection for a loved one. Many investors enjoy the lower premiums with owning silver bars and they are more durable when facing the elements of the environment. Own the American symbol with pride and enjoy this innovative silver bar series!

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