Sacagawea Dollar 2014-D BU

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    In recent years, the US Mint has struggled to produce a dollar collection that was worthy of a coin collector's strict standards. They produced too many Eisenhower Dollars, that were too large for circulation, and minted millions of Susan B. Anthony Dollars for a very short time. The Sacagawea Dollar pleasantly surprised the coin world, with its unique golden tone and more controlled mintages. The US Mint even held off placing all of the Sacagawea Dollars in circulation, causing them to be more of a collectible. The 2014-D Sacagawea Dollar carries the date and mint-mark on its rim and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. The Denver Mint takes pride in its reputation, being the world leader of coin production. The obverse features the famous Native American, while the reverse portrays a younger Sacagawea with her father.

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    • Year: 2014
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