Kennedy Half Dollar 2014-D BU

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    For awhile, the US Mint desired to have President Kennedy on either the dollar, half dollar, or quarter. Once the president passed, his widow Jacqueline Kennedy desired to have his portrait on the half dollar. Sculptors, Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro, had already designed a special presidential medal that wasn't released yet when they were notified of the new half dollar. Using Robert's obverse design and Gasparro's reverse design of the medal, the new Kennedy Half was born in under one month. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar made history by being sold out before hitting circulation. President Kennedy was extremely influential in just his 2 short years in office. Being the only president to be Roman-Catholic and to receive a Pulitzer Prize for his biography, President Kennedy won the hearts of millions. During his time in office, the Civil Right Movement was alive and well, the Berlin Wall was built, the Space Race was as tense as ever, and the Peace Corps was established. Many alive at the time of his death have enjoyed the Kennedy Half Dollar series as a means to remember the late president and to only imagine what could have been if he had lived to see a full presidential term.

    The Denver Mint was established in 1906 and aided in many famous coin series. Being a recently opened mint, the Denver Mint mainly specialized in commemoratives and medals, and randomly participate when coin collections needed to be produced at a faster rate. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was the first collection the Denver Mint fully participated in from start to finish. The Kennedy Half Dollars were also minted by the Denver Mint and carry the famous "D" mint-mark. The 2014-D Kennedy Half Dollar has a mintage of 2.1 million and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. The unbroken brilliant uncirculated sheen is protected by a coin flip while in transit.

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