Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1935

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    The actual final year of production, for the Peace silver dollars, was in 1935. The Philadelphia Mint produced a healthy amount of dollars, in this year, causing this date to be accessible in all grades. The Peace silver dollar had one of the shortest lifespans, of the silver dollars, with only 10 dates in its name. This coin is a collector's favorite, due to collectibility potential and the fascinating history of its mintage. In fact, the Peace dollar is the first US coin to commemorate peace attained from World War I. On every Peace dollar's reverse, there is an eagle holding olive branches, which are the universal symbol of peace. Your 1935 Peace silver dollar was minted at the first mint facility, in the US, the Philadelphia Mint. Being a coin in extra fine condition, your Peace dollar contains a healthy amount of wear on the surface but is still holding onto the last bit of luster.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1935
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