Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1924

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    Used for centuries as a face of liberty, the Goddess of Liberty featured on the Peace silver dollar, has been on currency since the Roman Empire. When it was decided that the Morgan silver dollar's design would continue on the new silver dollars in 1921, numismatists from all over lobbied for a more patriotic symbol. The Goddess of Liberty was chosen to grace the obverse of every Peace silver dollar. Liberty's face was inspired by the warrior Liberty that stands in New York's harbor, depicted as more fierce than a pretty face. The Peace silver dollar became the first piece, of US currency, to memorialize peace in the nation. Your 1924 Peace silver dollar contains 90% silver and was minted by the first mint in the US, the Philadelphia Mint. Your dollar is considered to have traits of a coin in extra fine condition, exhibiting wear on Liberty and the eagle on the reverse.

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    • Year: 1924
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