Peace Dollars Circulated 100 pcs.

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    Produced by the first mint in the US, the 1923 Peace silver dollar exhibits everything the Philadelphia Mint stands for. Portraying an emblematic symbol of Liberty, the Peace silver dollar features the goddess of Liberty. The Goddess of Liberty has been revered since the Roman Empire and her portrait has been used on currency before that. She upholds the idea of what every nation strongly desires: true freedom from suppressors. The goddess also wears a tiara, made of sunshine rays, revealing her power among the elements. The portrait on the Peace dollar is very similar to the statue that stands in Manhattan's harbor: a strong and powerful woman, in garb ready for war. The Peace Silver Dollar was the last 90% silver dollar to be in US circulation, lending to its overall high value.

    Peace Silver Dollars are bought for numerous reasons: their high numismatic value, their age and history, their 90% silver content, etc. Many investors have jumped on the Peace Dollar bandwagon, ensuring their investment's value. Even if you aren't a collector nor have the time to pick through Peace Dollars then buying in bulk is right up your alley. Since 90% silver was used on US currency, before 1965, the demand is beginning to outgrow the product. The Circulated Peace Dollars are offered at an achievable price, validating everyone's chance at these dwindling numismatic gems. Circulated condition can range, resulting in coins with different conditions; some may be severely worn, while others have strong details and a readable date. Collectors and investors of 90% silver hope that one day, they will be able to barter their silver for goods. Whatever your feelings about the future, secure your safe investment and enjoy the benefits of owning the world renown Peace Silver Dollar! Plus, keeping a diverse collection of silver opens up a variety of opportunity if selling is ever an option!

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