Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1900

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    The Morgan silver dollar began its slow decline at the turn of the century, beginning its last years as the US silver dollar. Each year the Morgan was produced, strides in progress were made in the US. In 1900, the Open Door Policy was passed, allowing the US to perform international trades with China. It was also a big year for gold in the US, with the Gold Standard Act being ratified and placing the US currency on the gold standard. The second modern Olympic games began in Paris and the Boxer Rebellion took place in Peking. The Philadelphia Mint is still producing large amounts of Morgans to satisfy the silver being purchased. The Philadelphia Mint is also one of two mints still in production, since the minting of the Morgan; the other being the San Francisco Mint. Your 1900 Morgan is in fine condition, containing a smooth surface due to heavy amounts of wear.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1900
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