Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1901-O

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    The Old Mint was a leader of minting coins in its hay day with over 427 millions dollars worth of gold and silver coins produced. The New Orleans Mint, also known as the Old Mint, opened its doors in 1838 and closed its doors in 1909. Since it was based in the South, the Confederacy owned it until it seceded the Union. Just two weeks later, it was taken back by the Confederacy, switching between 2 owners in a matter of weeks. It closed its doors as a mint just 5 years after the Morgan was discontinued. Since then, it has served as an assay office, a US Coast Guard Storage facility, and a fallout shelter. Your 1901-O Morgan is in fine condition, with heavy wear on the surface of the coin and carries the "O" mint-mark on the reverse.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1901
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