Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1881-S

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    Much to the public's surprise, being an engraver was and still is a very prestigious and respected job. It's so important that an engraver could even have a name named after them. George T. Morgan created the design for the Morgan silver dollar, during his time as assistant engraver for the US Mint. George started his career in England but soon moved and worked at the US Mint for 40 years before being donned Chief Engraver for the Mint. An eagle with outstretched wings is included on the reverse since eagles have also always being included on US currency. Your 1881-S Morgan Silver dollar was minted in San Francisco and features the "S" mint-mark. Extra fine Morgans exhibit a good amount of wear around Lady Liberty's cheeks, hairline, and her ear. Likewise, on the reverse, the eagle's breast, wing, and tail feathers are all also worn. Finding an extra fine Morgan with some amount of original luster isn't as hard as you might think.

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    • Year: 1881
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