Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1881-O

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    Sporting the "O" mint-mark, this Morgan silver dollar was minted in the New Orleans sector of the US Mint. It's extra fine condition reveals Lady Liberty with worn features, such as her eye, cheeks, and hairline. On the reverse, the eagle's feathers are also worn and not as sharp as they once were. The original shine is almost completely gone but just enough is present, keeping the interest of collectors. The Morgan Silver dollar's production became quite a difficult task between the constant passing of bills to regulate the mining of silver. From 1878-1904, the Morgan dollar was the circulating dollar of US currency but because of the freelance mining of silver, the government wanted to have more regulations on the precious metal. Because of the Pittman Act in 1918, the reauthorization of silver dollars was passed and Morgans had their final year of mintage in 1921. Also minted that year was the Peace dollar, which would surpass the Morgan as the new silver dollar but the Morgan has held its place as the more popular and collected silver dollar.

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    • Year: 1881
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