Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1882

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    Collecting 100 year old coins or older is always a good way to remember the history of the US. Every year the Morgan was minted, many important events occurred outside of the currency realm that left an impact on today. In 1882, the Old West outlaw, Jesse James, was assassinated by Robert Ford. Also in 1882, the 1882 Immigration Act was passed and the first US labor day parade also took place. It's also not surprising Thomas Edison starts the world's first commercial power plant in NYC this year as well. Although the Morgan fought hard for its production every year, the government caught up with it and ended its mintage in 1904. Many incidents caused the descent of the Morgan but the main event was the regulation of silver since it was being freely mined. Your 1882 Morgan is in extra fine condition, contains 90% of silver and since it was minted in Philadelphia, does not carry a mint-mark.

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    • Year: 1882
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