Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1882-S

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    Although most Morgans don't have an appealing low mintage, their achievable premiums encourage more collectors to invest in the Morgan silver dollars every year. Plus, with the 90% silver content of these Morgans puts to rest any investment concerns you may have, knowing your investment will at least keep up with the constantly moving silver market. Struck straight out of San Francisco, your 1882-S Morgan silver dollar carries the "S" mint mark, on the reverse and underneath the eagle's delicate tail feathers. This Morgan is considered to be in extra fine condition, which is the preferred condition for many starter collectors. Morgans that are in extra fine condition usually have a pretty worn down Lady Liberty, especially around her hairline, cheeks, and ear. The eagle, on the back of the coin, also shows signs of wear with feathers that are not sharp in detail anymore. But it is common for the original luster of the coin to still be present in some form.

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    • Year: 1882
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