Morgan Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1884-S

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    With the Morgan silver dollars, sometimes where the coin was produced is more important than the mintage or date of the coin. Since Morgans were minted at several different mints across the country, each mint claims the coins they produced by placing a mint-mark on the back of the Morgan, underneath the tail feathers. The "O" mint-mark represents the New Orleans sector of the mint, "CC" stands for the Carson City, Philadelphia doesn't have a mint-mark, and San Francisco uses a "S." Your 1884-S Morgan has been given the grade of almost uncirculated by our best Morgan Silver dollar dealer. Your Morgan contains 90% silver and is just 5 grams shy of weighing one troy ounce. The prominent eagle is on the reverse of the Morgan, with the "S" mint-mark underneath its delicate tail feathers. Your coin is packaged in a coin flip to ensure protection while in transit.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1884
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