Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated 1884-CC

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    Your 1884-CC sparkles with a brilliant uncirculated luster that should be noticed from one side of Liberty's face to the other. This coin is ungraded but the price point resembles that of a MS62 grade. Morgans minted in Carson City usually are more difficult to find and because of this, they are usually higher in value. The Carson City mint mark is located on the reverse of the Morgan, underneath the tail feathers of the eagle. Collectors generally have more interest in Morgans because of the collectibility of each date, the mint marks, and the age of the actual coin. But the 90% content in each Morgan attracts investors to consider growing their own Morgan silver dollar collection. The other metal that is 10% of the Morgan is copper. Each Morgan weighs 26.73 grams and have a diameter of 38.1 millimeters. Your coin is delicately placed into a coin flip for delivery.

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    • Year: 1884
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